7 essentials for your WFH space

7 essentials for your WFH space


How to welcome the Office & School into our homes


BLOG POST : 1 Sept 2020 | Pooja Narayan | Director Architecture NBMA 

The Home office or work desk has never been taken this seriously before. The worldwide pandemic and the consequent lockdowns ensured that nearly everyone got a taste of working from home, and the new term “WFH” has become an accepted acronym.

In the last few months, nearly everyone has set up dedicated work spaces in their homes, ranging from a functional corner in a room, to redecorating a study, to converting guest rooms to WFH rooms. Many have realised merit in more long term solutions like converting a basement or a room on the terrace into a permanent office space.

The most important thing is to ensure that each member of the household has a separate distinct workspace – no overlap between children’s study tables and their parents WFH spaces, to ensure that online classes can carry on while parents are in a webinar or a video call.

The 7 most important factors to keep in mind for a home office are:

1. The space – Create a cheerful and inviting space – personalise it with your favourite photos, art, books, and inspirational quotes

2. Natural Light – Wherever possible, try to ensure ample natural light. If you have a view, that’s even better.

3. Chair – There is no substitute for a comfortable and ergonomically appropriate chair, with good lumbar support. Depending on your budget, please invest in a good chair.

4. Desk and storage – A spacious desk, of a size that you require, depending on the device on which you work, and the amount of storage you need. We have designed desks that can be folded, slid away when not in use, while still providing adequate storage and surface area. Dedicated storage is strongly advisable, to keep surfaces tidy, especially for ease of self cleaning!

5. Lighting – Optimum ambient lighting, supplemented by spot lights – to serve during video calls and also to adjust as per your mood and requirement.

6. Technology – A dependable internet connection, speaker system, and privacy and sound insulation, especially for ease of video conferencing.

7. A touch of nature – some potted plants that add some green to your day, and that you can attend to yourself. 

Tell us about your experiments with your WFH space in the comments below…