Landscape tips for the perfect lawn

How to fix your garden problems for healthy and beautiful grass. 


BLOG POST : 13 Oct 2020 | Vivian Vickers | Director Landscape Architecture NBMA


Everyone wants a picture perfect garden, with flawless even grass, smooth surface and a lush green hue.

However most of us struggle with garden health issues like uneven growth, bald patches and depressions and uneven lawn surface.

It’s important to separate the symptoms from the underlying causes, before suggesting solutions.

In this article, we will talk about common symptoms of poorly laid out lawns, the underlying problems and how to fix them.

The symptoms…

1. The lawn is soggy even hours after it’s stopped raining

2. Bald and yellowing spots in the lawn. 

3. Uneven surface to walk on

The underlying problems… 

1. Water is unable to drain away and gets trapped in depressions…sometimes the entire lawn IS a depression!

2. Water drains away too quickly and the underlying soil dries out

3. The lawn maintenance regime does not include periodic filling and rolling of the lawn.

The solution…

Make sure the lawn is given a suitable slope towards a drain point so that excess water can be drained away. 

A properly sloped or “graded” lawn will 

a) Prevent water getting trapped in depressions thereby preventing water logging due to poor grading (slopes); 

b) Prevent bald spots or yellowing caused by parts of the lawn drying out due to unduly steep slope


Periodic filling of local depressions with soil and rolling it out will keep the lawn at an even slope. This along with a regular mowing and weeding regime will ensure a beautiful and evenly laid carpet of grass.

The correct preparation of ground, technically sound grading and drainage, and regular maintenance will go a long way to you enjoying your lush green garden.