The use of Colour in office interiors

The use of Colour in office interiors

How different colours impact productivity, company culture and wellness


BLOG POST : 15 Sept 2020 | Pernika Narayan | Director Architecture & Interiors | NBMA


As designers of corporate, luxury and bespoke Offices, we always factor in the role of colours in the interior design. Colour can positively contribute to happiness, productivity, and even physical and mental health in a workplace. Colourful, bright and vibrant workplaces have increasingly become the norm as companies accept the importance of colours and their impact on the physical environment.

While designing, we examine colour palettes and combinations and the relationship between other elements like lighting, textures, furniture, and also how they represent the company culture. 

The key is finding the right colours and textures and creating a space that is comfortable and inviting, cheerful and playful, and that has a positive impact on productivity and wellness.

Collaborative and dynamic spaces generally utilise brighter, more vibrant colours to inject energy and creativity while areas designed to facilitate concentrated working or deep thought do better with softer, more muted tones.

Some typical reactions to colours are – 

Blue and brown are commonly used workplace colours as they are neutral and may have a positive impact on productivity, thus frequently used in open plan work spaces

Yellow/ ochre/ orange are optimistic, cheerful colours that can inspire increased levels of creativity and can be found in a lot of creative workspaces, particularly in areas designed for collaboration

Red is an interesting choice and can foster increased efficiency and energy but could be overpowering if used in vast spaces.

Green, the colour associated with nature and landscape can have a calming impact and reduce fatigue

White can make certain spaces look larger, and give a spartan sense of calm and minimalism.

Colours like purple, pink, lime, aqua and orange are playful and add that element of whimsy to office spaces.

Natural tones like wood and brick are evergreen and give a feeling of warmth and comfort, while at the same time addressing issues of sustainability.

What are the predominant colours in your office? Tell us in the comments below..