What is Dry Wall construction?

Where, when and how can it be used in your project…

BLOG POST : 29 Sept 2020 | Vivian Vickers | Director NBMA


Dry-wall construction has come a long way. 

Dry-walls or plasterboard partitions have gained wider acceptance in the last few years because of the several benefits they bring. 



1. Much lighter than masonry walls therefore resulting in

         a) Lighter foundations

         b) Lighter structure

         c) Longer life of the structure

2. Extremely quick to install… and what’s more…super fast to repair. Unlike a brick wall which requires curing of the cement mortar and cement plaster with water for several days and then requiring it to dry out completely before painting it drywall can be constructed and painted and finished all in a single day!!

3. Excellent sound insulation- drywall partitions offer amazing sound insulation PROVIDED you choose the right drywall system, which leads us to our next point.

4. Drywalls come is several different configurations to meet with various criteria such as 

        a) Fire rating                                           

        b) Sound insulation

        c) Hanging load rating

        d) Moisture resistant

        e) Waterproof

Of course each of these criteria has an effect on the cost of the system. So it is essential that professional help is sought when working with dry-walls.

5. Highly reusable – Not only can the metal framing inside the partitions be reused but if installed correctly virtually all the boards themselves can be reused too. Now that’s a MASSIVE saving when it comes to remodelling your house.

6. One of the biggest advantages of drywall systems is it’s reliability. These systems are tested and companies give rating certificates in compliance of fire standards and sound insulation. Brick manufacturers on the other hand give no such guarantees in India. In fact most bricks available do not meet with the prescribed standard in performance or even size. 

7. Drywall partitions are much thinner versus masonry walls for the same performance rating in almost all cases…so you get larger rooms in your house.

The only disadvantage that dry-walls have versus masonry walls is the increase in capital expense…but it gives way more bang for your buck than masonry walls.